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Shock and Awe

  • Private Bathrooms & Cosey Spaces
  • Kitchen & Entertainment Areas
  • Masters Bedroom

Price is key! 

List it Sell it! 

No Commission Buyer or Seller

We Post your home on the MLS and all major real estate channels: Zillow, Redfin, Realtor com, everywhere world wide exposure

  • No Real Estate Services Included
  • Listing Company Charges $0 Commissions
  • Save Thousands of Dollars on Commissions
  • Seller Negotiate with Buyers and Realtors
  • Florida Licensed and Insured
  • Free Market Value Report
  • Free 6 Picture Listing
  • MLS Local
  • Zillow
  • Redfin
  • RE/MAX
  • Trulia
  • All IDX Realtor Websites and Search world wide
  • We close the transaction

No Commission Listing


Offer Buyer Commissions

We Post your home on the MLS and all major real estate channels: Zillow, Redfin, Realtor com, everywhere world wide exposure. This  is a 1st Tier Listing

  • Photo Shoot
  • Yard Sign Custom
  • Reports: 2 Pricing Models MLS
  • Listing broker retains all records as required by State Law

  • Our Partner Title Company will close all transactions anywhere in the state of Florida

UPGRADE $999.00 and Include

  • Professional Pictures Included


  • Pre Sale Estimated Net Sheets
  • We review all contacts
  • Prepare contracts owner sale
  • Office contract review
  • esign contact for sale
  • Listing updates 3
  • Unlimited Pictures
  • Number Forwarding from MLS



Luxury Full Service Listing Commissions to Listing and Selling Agents

Traditional Listing we do it all

  • All in the previous packages
  • Personal website
  • Ariel Photos
  • Quality Service
  • Provide Pre Sale Estimated Net Sheets
  • Industry Standard Reports

  • 2 Computer Generated Value Reports

  • Professional Pictures Included

  • Drone (where available)

  • For Sign For Your Home

  • Your own website @

  • email 

  • Review all contacts before final execution

  • We provide contracts and free esign for your contracts

  • A Florida Houses title associate company close all transactions at low promulgated rates

Your Selling Power

Your home For Sale everywhere online;

zillow, redfin, re/max, ect. any where mls data flows will display

Double Story Beds

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Florida Home Value Reports

Who can sell a property? 

Sign Up Now Means

To proceed you agree that you are:

You are the owner of the property

You have the consent of all owners to list the property to sell

You must provide all information required to enter you real estate for sale on the local MLS
(and that can change in different areas)

MLS Requires A Picture – Professional photos are Included.

You must give the photographer access or the property or we will submit an exterior picture

At the time of the listing order payment will be made for MLS Listing Fee

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