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Make A Multi-Figure Income  

Investing & Flipping Low Cost Properties

with High Returns

Looking for a repeatable method to make thousands of dollars for yourself…

Or your someone with some spare cash that wants to multiply it fast…

Maybe an investor who’s looking for a great market to put your money?


You’ve come to the right place!

My name is Albert Smith and I have exactly what you have been looking for.
I’m a professional real estate broker and property investment manager whose been in the business for over 27 years.

In that time, I’ve made hundreds of deals, business decisions and helped people just like you.

Throughout my years, I’ve seen people making loads of money through real-estate.

I’ve met property millionaires who built their fortune on buying, fixing and flipping places.
I’ve talked to people who do it as a side hustle while still working their regular job.
If even met couples who make a living by wholesaling properties throughout the year.

Florida Real Estate

Since 1994

Distressed Property Finders

We find and contract distressed homes and land. Using our target marketing system we identify and the hottest high equity deals and either wholesale the properties to our investor buyers list or remarket them on a retail market for maximum return to our exclusive group of entrepreneurs 

The possibilities in real estate are endless

Through real-estate, your short term and long-term financial goals can become a reality.  You can easily live out the dreams you’ve fantasized for years about. Whether that’s travelling the world, buying your dream cars, retiring young, it can be achieved by buying and selling properties.

I’m telling you this because you have the chance to become an investor. Right now you have the opportunity to buy wholesale properties for cheaper than you ever thought was possible!

Got a Little Extra Money

Opportunities to Lend

Personal Money Loans

Short term bridge loans while properties are being renovated. You hold the mortgage, note, and are included in the insurance policy. You set terms.


Opportinity to loan on real estate buyers. Choose your lending rate and conditions. You take a note against the real estate they are using as collateral.

Bridge Loans

Hold funds to guarantee funds on high purchasing equity real estate assets& take a note against the real estate they are using as collateral.

Join Us Today

Now is the time to start getting into the business!

With property prices where they are now, it’s never been a better time to start your steps to wholesaling properties. Whether it’s as a side hustle, full time job or your pathway to millionaire success, you’re sure to achieve the financial goals you set for yourself.


All you have to do to get started is join our buyers list so you can get inside info on new opportunities and chances in the prospering market. Anything from low priced properties to hot high equity deals are what you’ll be receiving once you join us!


So fill out the details below to join us today as a member of our inside group to begin wholesaling properties and pocketing those high returns!

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Fix & Flip Specialist

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Florida Houses Inc

Join other investors and mastermind new projects or just get new opportunities purchase real estate at low low prices.